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A beautiful throw blanket is a small way to infuse a little luxury into your day-to-day, adding style to a room but also providing the perfect wrap for a snooze. We spent 70 hours researching and testing 35 throws—in a variety of styles and materials—to find the eight most comfortable, good-looking ones to curl up in. If you’re going to buy a throw, we think it should be in a material and style that makes you smile. We found that the best throws are made from natural fibers such as sheep’s wool, alpaca, cashmere, fine cotton, and linen. Many of our recommendations would make great gifts—either for yourself or for a loved one. Here you’ll find recommendations for a lightweight cotton gauze, a beachy woven cotton, a designer alpaca throw, a cozy cable knit, a supersoft cashmere-wool blend,a brand with several great wool choices, and a plush and cotton quilt. https://uninotepad.ir/good/ https://forviewhelp.ir/best/ https://fieditor.ir/nice/ https://nnnnssees.ir/awesome/ http://www.sobhemagic.ir/new/ http://www.nnnlpopp.ir/old/ http://www.musi-eee-ee.ir/great/ http://repoooooooz.ir/black-cup/news01.html http://ziplommmkakka.ir/goal/test.html http://kalabineeee.ir/news/post325.html http://aviationbooys.ir/clean/ http://pelicanofdays.ir/beauty/ https://ah-sa-nd.ir/perspolis/ https://foxbookk2000.ir/real/ http://javaboxo.ir/pages/gallery.html http://jobbbcope.ir/docs/profile.html http://trainfying.ir/stars/style.html http://aharmostthe.ir/drive/gallery.html Some of these come from small, boutique makers and artisans using high-quality construction methods, which means they might be more expensive than mass-produced blankets, but the quality is worth it. Why you should trust us A warm, family-friendly throw: Garnet Hill Plush-Loft Throw The coziest winter throw: Brooklinen Pure Wool Throw A stylish cashmere blend: Garnet Hill Wool & Cashmere Throw A smooth, sweater-style throw: Boll & Branch Cable Knit Throw A silky alpaca blanket: Area Home Liam Throw


A stylish woven throw in lots of colors: Brahms Mount Monhegan Cotton Throw The perfect summer wrap: Hay Crinkle Stripe Plaid How we picked and tested Care and maintenance The competition Sources Why you should trust us As the resident bedding writer at Wirecutter, I’ve worked on most of our home textile guides. I wrote our guide to bed blankets, which informed my research and testing for this guide as well. I also wrote or cowrote our guides to sheets, pajamas, robes, flannel sheets, bath لحاف کرسی towels, and duvet covers, among many others. I’m a quilter with more than a decade of experience and several published quilt patterns. I know a lot about textiles, and I’m constantly learning more. I love this work.

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For this guide I drew on the interviews I’d done for our blankets guide with Fran Kozen, associate director of the Cornell Institute of Fashion and Fiber Innovation; Anki Spets, owner and designer of boutique bedding store Area Home in New York City (one of her designs became a pick in this guide); and Sara Hall, innkeeper for The Inn at Kitchen Kettle Village in Amish quilt country. A warm, family-friendly throw: Garnet Hill Plush-Loft Throw Photo: Kyle Fitzgerald Our pick Garnet Hill لحاف کرسی Plush-Loft Throw A durable throw for the whole family This fluffy, quilted plush throw is super-warm, can take a beating, and is the favorite of our picks with kids and pets. $100 from Garnet Hill How it feels: Quilted like a comforter, with plush faux fur on one side and cool sateen on the other. Why it’s great: We think the Garnet Hill Plush-Loft Throw is perfect for family life—it’s the warmest throw we recommend and plushly soft, but it’s sturdy enough for kids and pets to knock around. It holds up beautifully to heavy use and multiple washes. It’s the absolute favorite of our picks with my 7-year-old and my Maltipoo, and the most fun for making blanket forts. The Plush-Loft has a layer of polyester fill sandwiched between a shell of smooth cotton sateen on one side and polyester plush (like a stuffed animal) on the other. We recommend the blanket size in our guide to the best bed blankets, and the throw size was just as universally popular with testers and even easier to wrap around the body.

The soft and thick polyester pile feels like a plush stuffed animal. The Plush-Loft’s shell is made of smooth sateen on top and supersoft plush underneath, with a puffy layer of polyester fill inside. Photo: Kyle Fitzgerald 1 of 2 We also tested L.L.Bean’s Ultraplush Down and Ultraplush PrimaLoft throws, two very similar versions of this blanket, but they didn’t compare to the Garnet Hill—they were thinner, the plush wasn’t nearly as soft, and the sateen was rougher. Flaws but لحاف کرسی not dealbreakers: This blanket is one of the thickest we tested (although none of our picks felt overwhelming to testers), but that hasn’t stopped my family from using and loving it. If you have pets that tend to destroy things, this blanket isn’t immune. Our dog chewed through one of our samples. However, we’ve tested and owned enough Plush-Lofts to say they hold up better than most. Listed size: 52 by 70 inches Size of our test sample out of the package: 56¼ by 73 inches Materials: cotton, polyester Colors: seven solid colors The coziest winter throw: Brooklinen Pure Wool Throw

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Photo: Kyle Fitzgerald Our pick Brooklinen Pure Wool Throw A handsome, extra-toasty throw This thick throw is softer than any other 100 percent wool blanket we’ve tried, and it looks rustic but polished. $190 from Brooklinen How it feels: Dense and warm; fuzzy and soft, not scratchy. Why it’s great: Many throws we tested were warm, but the all-wool Brooklinen Pure Wool Throw feels snugglier and cozier than any other. It’s the most hygge of our picks and what you want to wrap up in on a chilly day. It’s thick but also the lightest and fluffiest of the six wool throws we tried and a unanimous favorite with our testers. While it doesn’t drape as well as more delicate throws we tried, we were impressed by its gentle texture, which has no hint of scratchiness. My skin is very sensitive—sometimes even linen makes me itch—and the Brooklinen never caused me irritation. One tester noted, “If it had no fringe it would be almost perfect.” (That was a common theme with our testers, half of whom disliked the fringe as a fussy extra.) The wool’s subtle color variation and contrasting fringe looked gorgeous in every room we placed it. The thick, substantial Brooklinen Pure Wool is very warm and cozy and not at all scratchy. Photo: Kyle Fitzgerald 1 of 2 We looked at three of the four throw blankets Brooklinen offers, and they were all popular with our testers (confusingly, all appear on the same product page, so choose the specific model you want by selecting from the color options). The Brooklinen Cashmere and Lambswool لحاف کرسی Throw and Brooklinen Baby Alpaca Throw also had fantastic feel and quality. Our Competition section has more detail about them, but generally we think you can’t go wrong with a throw from Brooklinen. Flaws but not dealbreakers: Because all of Brooklinen’s throws are made from animal fibers and are dry-clean only, they may not be the best choices for kids who could spill on things or for pets who like to chew on things. We also found that, as with many of the throws we tested, the advertised sizes varied greatly from the sizes of the actual blankets we received by anywhere from 2 to 5 inches. Listed size: 59 by 83 inches for all

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Size of our test samples out of the package: Pure Wool, 64½ by 78 inches; Cashmere and Lambswool, 60 by 81 inches; Baby Alpaca, 54¼ by 63½ inches Materials: wool, lambswool, alpaca, cashmere Colors: seven solid colors, two لحاف کرسی prints A stylish cashmere blend: Garnet Hill Wool & Cashmere Throw Photo: Kyle Fitzgerald Our pick Garnet Hill Wool & Cashmere Throw A heavenly wool and cashmere blend This throw is elegant, supersoft, and thin (but not flimsy). It’s one of our favorite throws for draping over a sofa or chair. $97 from Garnet Hill Use promo code OCT2020

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